ISSN 1805-3386

April 10, 2020


Publication ethics and malpractice statement

The editors shall follow the COPE Code of Conduct for Journal Editors.


Available at: of Conduct.pdf


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Editors are responsible for the content of the journal. They assure quality of the content they publish, and shall publish errata, or clarification immediately when necessary. They also assure authors freedom of expression.


The peer-reviewed and non-peer-reviewed sections of the journal shall be clearly marked. Peer review shall be conducted by qualified reviewers and professionals in the particular subject area. Peer review shall be fair, unbiased, and timely process. Editors shall ensure confidentiality of all material and information gained during the peer review and publication process.


The decision on acceptance / rejection of the paper shall be done upon the paper’s importance and suitability for the journal in terms of its originality, validity, and aims of the journal. Authors of the criticized papers shall be given an opportunity to respond to the critique and comments. Editors respond promptly to all complaints and ensure to make all effort to resolve these. In case of misconduct, or suspicion of misconduct, editors are obliged to take all steps to pursue and properly investigate all individual cases and take appropriate conclusions. Commercial considerations shall not affect editorial decisions, nor the quality or scope of the articles published. All detailed requirements and information, incl. information about the peer review process, are stated in the “information for authors” section.


The editors further provide information for reviewers, communicate with them on issues related to their agreement to review papers, and protect the reviewers’ identity in case of (single- or double-) blind peer review process. Further information for reviewers is stated in the “information for reviewers” section.


The editors shall ensure intellectual property rights of authors and shall be aware of all new issues within intellectual property laws and conventions. They shall also be aware of new editorial policies and standards and shall keep all related parties (authors, reviewers, members of the editorial board, journal owners, publishers) informed about these.


Editors shall make sure all research published has been done in ethical manners. They shall also have to have tools to deal with any conflicts of interest of their staff, authors, reviewers, editorial board, owner / publisher, and their own.