ISSN 1805-3386

April 10, 2020


2017 No.2

Design of an Automated Dual IPCs 240 System for Asymmetric Power Flow Compensation in an AC Electric Network

Mandeng, J. J., Mbihi, J., Kom, Ch-H.

In this paper, an automated dual IPCs 240 system for asymmetric power compensation is designed from an analytical analysis of the power flow modes through the transmission line. Then, the obtained ACL (Automatic Control Logic) consists of serial gates arrays of the standard NAND/AND and OR operators. It has been implemented within the Matlab/Simulink framework, and the obtained simulation results show the feasibility and great relevance of the dual IPCs 240 technology using, in power transmission networks under normal and contingency conditions.


Keywords: AC electric network, contingencies, power flow compensation, automated dual IPCs 240, logic gates arrays, simulation


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Optimization of Cold Crucible Shape with Different Number of Rectangle Segments

Jiøinec, S., Rot, D.

The beginning of the article briefly describes the principle and construction solution of the cold crucible. The next part is devoted to the numerical simulation of the cold crucible with different number of rectangle segments. The calculation considers the electrically non-conductive material (Al2O3 in melted form) as the load at normal temperature. Based on the obtained results (Joule losses), it is possible to determine the distribution of power losses in the individual parts of the cold crucible and efficiency of the system. Finally, the best construction solution is selected.


Keywords: cold crucible, induction melting, ANSYS,numerical simulation, power losses


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Predictive Control of Induction Motor Drive Using dSPACE Platform

Karlovskı, P., Lettl, J.

Recently, the induction motor drives have become very popular in the area of controlled drives. Nowadays, a great effort is put on increasing their efficiency. The most widely used control method is the direct torque control (DTC). However, this method suffers from the torque ripple and current waveform distortion. The modification using predictive algorithms is becoming a popular approach. This paper presents a predictive control on the dSPACE DS1103 system and compares the method with DTC.


Keywords: direct torque control, predictive control, induction motor drive


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Island Operations of Electric Generators Connected to One Substation

Neuman, P.

While increasing integration of renewable energy sources (RES), which are unregulated and difficult to predict, a large system of nuclear power plants must provide balancing peaks in the production of renewable energy. It is also important to simulate the rapid changes in the power of individual large Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) units, and for these regimes to train operators of nuclear units. Therefore the paper is aimed to island operations of more parallel electric synchronous generators connected to one substation of a power grid.


Keywords: smart grids, transmission and distribution systems, inter-area oscillation mode, island operations of large power plants, power and heating power plant, nuclear power plant, engineering and training simulators


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