ISSN 1805-3386

April 10, 2020


2016 No.3

Modelling of High Torque Density Switched Reluctance Motors with Mutual Coupling

Greule, M., Müller, J., Doppelbauer, M.

In this paper a method is introduced which models the resulting motor torque and current dynamics directly from the flux linkages. With the introduced method to process the flux linkage characteristics it is sufficient to calculate half of an electrical period to receive all information for modelling the system’s behaviour, even for both long and short flux path mutual coupling. The model is validated by 2D finite element analysis and verified by measurement results.


Keywords: switched reluctance motor, model, mutual coupling, eddy current losses, control


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Modulator for 4-level Flying Capacitor Converter with Balancing Control in the Closed Loop

Brychcín, J., Janík, D., Košan, T., Peroutka, Z.

This paper presents a modulator with an active voltage balancing control for the three-phase four-level FLC converter based electric motor drive for applications supplied directly from a 6 kV ac-grid. It describes a modulation algorithm of the FLC converter by using the phase shifted PWM modulation with balancing voltage of the flying capacitor by using P controllers in the closed loop. The proposed control was verified by experiments carried out on the down-scale drive prototype of the rated power of 35 kVA.


Keywords: FLC, multilevel converter, medium-voltage converter, modulator, PWM, balancing, control, ac motor drive


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Complete Response of Linear Circuits to Periodic Nonsinusoidal Input in MATLAB

Tomčíková, I.

The paper deals with the proposal for finding the complete response of dynamic linear circuits to a periodic nonsinusoidal input in the MATLAB environment. A very powerful tool for solving the given problem is to transform the circuits directly into the complex frequency domain using the Laplace transform and then apply the sparse tableau analysis technique to solve them. Applying above-mentioned methods in the MATLAB environment, it is not difficult to find the complete response of dynamic linear circuits to the periodic input.


Keywords: complete response, transient response, steadystate response, sparse tableau analysis, Laplace transform, MATLAB


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Simulation Model of Hybrid Shunting Locomotive

Mašek, Z., Lenoch, V., Lelek, T.

The paper describes the simulation model of the hybrid shunting locomotive. The hybrid drive consists of the diesel engine supplemented with lithium batteries. The simulation model is created in order to analyse energy flows, determine influence of the component proper size and control strategy.


Keywords: simulation model, series hybrid drive, control strategy, shunting locomotion, diesel engine, lithium battery, traction motor, generator, energy power flow, efficiency


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