ISSN 1805-3386

April 10, 2020


2015 No.3

Impedance Spectroscopy of Al/a-SiC/c-Si(n)/Al Solar Heterojunction Structure

Perný, M., Šály, V., Váry, M.

Amorphous silicon carbide a-SiC is compound with tetrahedrally coordinated structure. It may be used in various branches of electrotechnical production. The influence of elevated temperature treatment on the properties of prepared Al/a-SiC/c-Si(n)/Al heterojunction structure was studied by complex impedance spectroscopy in the dark. AC equivalent circuit was obtained by fitting of biased impedance dependences and the electronic components were used to describe the electronic transport properties of prepared structures and clarification of the impact of elevated temperature treatment.


Keywords: Photovoltaics, PECVD, AC characterization, impedance spectroscopy.


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Analysis of Dynamic Circuits in MATLAB

Tomčíková, I.

The paper deals with the proposal for the analysis of dynamic linear circuits in the MATLAB environment. A very powerful tool for the analysis of the circuits is to transform the circuits directly into the complex frequency domain using the Laplace transform and then apply the circuit analysis techniques to solve them. Applying above-mentioned methods together with the symbolic computation of MATLAB, there is no difficulty in finding the complete response of second and higher-order dynamic circuits.


Keywords: Dynamic circuit, circuit analysis, complete response, Laplace transform, symbolic computation, MATLAB.


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Design and Modelling of Distributed Industrial Manipulation System with Wireless Operated Moving Manipulation

Belda, K., Píša, P.

The paper deals with a description of principles and application concepts of a distributed industrial manipulation system containing wireless operated moving manipulation units. In the paper, there is a novel application of the wireless data communication. The solution is intended for industrial manipulation systems supporting robotic plants and centres. An example of such systems used in this paper consists of several moving manipulation units, several stationary auxiliary units and control computer.


Keywords: Manipulation system, wireless communication, distributed systems, production lines, physical modelling, DC motors, robotics.


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Evaluation of Dielectric and Electrical Properties of 6-AYKCY 3x240 PVC Insulated Cables during the Thermal Ageing by Means of Unconventional and Conventional Diagnostic Methods

Váry, M., Janúšková Skoršepová, T., Lelák, J., Perný, M.

The aim of the experiment was to observe changes in individual measured dielectric or electrical parameters by using different measurement methods and their subsequent comparison. This paper will discuss in detail the evaluation of individual measurements and comparison of measurement methods implemented in the framework of the experiment and the appropriateness of their use for these types of measurements. In our experiment cable samples, type 6-AYKCY 3x240, with PVC insulation were used.


Keywords: Cable, insulation, VLF methods, dissipation factor.


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Arrangement of Phases of Double-circuit Three-phase Overhead Power Lines and Its Influence on Buried Parallel Equipment

Šroubová, L., Hamar, R., Kropík, P.

This paper deals with electromagnetic fields around double-circuit three-phase overhead power lines and their interference effects on the buried parallel equipment, such as pipelines or cables. The paper provides both an analysis of electric and magnetic fields around doublecircuit power transmission lines and a simulation of how these fields influence buried equipment.


Keywords: Double-circuit transmission line, electric and magnetic fields around overhead lines.


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