ISSN 1805-3386

April 10, 2020


2014 No.3

Control System for Hydrostatic Transmission of Railcar M27

Mašek, Z.

The paper describes functions of a control system for hydrostatic transmission for the reconstructed railcar M27 which is used for transport of passengers on a narrow gauge railway near Jindrichuv Hradec, Czech Republic. Software for this control system was developed at the University of Pardubice.


Keywords: rail vehicle, control system, hydrostatic transmission, tractive effort, JHMD, M27, MUV 74.1.


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Water Cooled Induction Traction Motor for 100 % Low Floor Tram Car

Dvořák, P., Fajt, T., Sošková, I. and Hloužek, J.

The paper deals with the design of the traction motor for 100 % low floor tram car. Within the design it was necessary to deal with many problems which have significant impact on the final product. The most interesting problems were the conception of the torque transmission, mounting of the brake equipment on the motor body, arrangement of the motor inside the bogie, cooling of the motor or protection of the motor against the water and pollution which can enter inside the motor. In this paper there are discussed the electromagnetic model, and special thermal and ventilation model of the motor. The final design was validated within the type testing.


Keywords: induction traction motor, tram car, electromagnetic field, temperature field, ventilation circuit, equivalent circuit.


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Real-time Simulation of 3 Parallel PWM Rectifiers

Kopecký, M., Švanda, J. and Vlček, M.

This paper describes the development of a real-time model up to 3 parallel PWM rectifiers and its implementation on FPGA using LabVIEW development environment. The main benefit of this real-time model is the fact that there is no need for a real device or a test stand for debugging of traction drive control SW. The Hardware-inthe-Loop testing with similar RT model of an induction machine has already brought large financial and time savings. Moreover, destructive states or states difficult to evoke can be tested using such a real-time model.


Keywords: PWM rectifier, real-time simulation, Hardwarein-the-Loop (HIL), LabVIEW FPGA, traction drives control SW.


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Electric Drives in the Modernized Power Plant Tusimice II

Foltyn, D.

In the paper it is presented a brief description of the technology of electricity production in the condensing power plant Tusimice II and mentioned replacement of main electric drives implemented by ŠKODA PRAHA Invest. The focus is placed on the modernization of electric drives as motors for fan mills, air and smoke fans in the boiler room, circulation pumps on absorber of desulfurization, generator and supply pumps in the machine hall, drives for the coal handling conveyors and drives in water management. It focuses also on backup resources – diesel-generators. There is also included practical experience of the implementation.


Keywords: the power plant, drive, mill, fan, pump, conveyor.


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Modelling of Regulatory Electricity Networks Ability with Rotating Flywheels

Dvorský, E., Raková, L.

Electricity as one of energy forms has still significant disadvantage; it cannot be effectively stored. Mostly, there is necessary, for a regulation process, to transform it into another energy form, which is loaded with solutions of technical and economic issues of energy transformation. One of the prospective technology from total transformation ones can be the Flywheel Energy Storage – FES, which is possible to meet the criteria of Uninterruptible Power Supply - UPS. FES has the potential to become a viable option compensation for traditional electric storage technologies or regulatory power source.




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