ISSN 1805-3386

April 10, 2020


2012 No.4

On-site Partial Discharges Measurement of XLPE Cables

Arnold, P., Kment, A., Pípa, M., Janíček, F.

The contribution deals with the methodology of on-line measurement of partial discharges in XLPE cables. After the specification of measuring methodology and used apparatus the evaluation of the measured data follows. Contribution gives an example of a real on-site measurement on 110kV XLPE cable power line in operation.


Keywords: Partial discharges, on-line measurement, XLPE high-voltage cables


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Control of Traction Rail Vehicle with Free-wheels

Čapek, J., Sýkora, P., Lenoch, V.

This paper is focused on the low-floor trams with free-wheels driven by PMSM motors, especially on their traction control system. The first part describes modern low-floor trams, particularly the type 15T produced by Škoda Transportation. The second part of the paper presents the simulations of characteristics operating such tram in the rail and the results of these simulations. The last part of the paper describes the mechanical construction and electrical equipment of a light experimental rail car, that will be used as an experimental base for a improvement of the control system for the tram 15T.


Keywords: low-floor tram, free-wheel drive, gearless drive, PMSM, control system, experimental vehicle


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Climate Change – What Do We Know, What Do We Not Know, and What May Be the Consequences For Electric Overhead Line Systems?

Fikke, S. M.

The validity of global climate being influenced by emissions of CO2 and other greenhouse gases from human activities is now globally recognized. Although the global temperature is expected to rise, and consequently also precipitation amounts, many secondary effects are still uncertain, concerning for example flooding, storm frequencies, atmospheric icing and so on. However, many electrical utilities around the world are already considering preventive measures for their network, based on the philosophy that proactive measures in the long run are cheaper than taking extra costs for maintenance and repair after expected increases in damage and outage frequencies.


Keywords: Global warming, flooding, wind storms, atmospheric icing, forecasting of critical events


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Optimal Parameters of Load-Center Supply System for Peripheral Districts of Big Cities

Akchurina, S., Tuzikova, V., Tlusty, J.

This paper is devoted to the analysis of parameters of a city power supply system, which is performed using a high voltage load-center supply system, taking into account modern tendencies of development of big cities. A distinguishing feature of modern society development is a constant growth of a number of big cities and their population, as well as development of power supply for both utilities and industrial area. Such a development of cities and utilities goes along with significant growth of power consumption which requires new power sources. It’s essential to foresee the construction of power sources such as high voltage load-center supply systems (LCSS). It was created a unique topology and technoeconomical model of the load-center supply system for peripheral districts of big cities. Based on the formed techno-economical model it was carried out a technoeconomical analysis of the load-center supply systems feasibility and optimization of its parameters. Results of the research and their analysis are shown in the presented article. The load-center supply system is a compulsory element of the power supply systems of big cities. In addressing the optimal implementation of the power supply system in peripheral areas of large cities it is required examination of the topological characteristics of the districts and the schemas of their power supply. The obtained results allow us to make decisions for the construction of a loadcenter supply system for peripheral districts of the city, and also to choose the optimum site for the construction of the load-center substation regarding to the power source.


Keywords: Load-centre supply system, technoeconomical model, power supply systems, topological characteristics


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The Possibility of Electronic Equipment Cooling

Janiš, R., Kuba, J.

Cooling has a large and irreplaceable importance in electronics and its solution is a part of the technology design and construction of any real device. Due to the progressive miniaturization and increasing performance we can meet cooling more often in consumer electronic products. In addition to many well-known conventional methods of cooling there is a possibility to use a high-capacity heat transport device - heat pipe. A disadvantage in some applications is the restriction of the possibility to control the thermal conductivity. The authors have dealt with so far little explored possibility of control using an external magnetic field with magnetic fluid as the heat pipe workload. The system is reversible in terms of control and uses the unique features of magnetic fluids.


Keywords: Cooling, heat pipe, magnetic fluids, thermal conductivity


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Model Based Design of Electric drives

Vonkomer, J., Žalman, M.

Electric drives are probably the most widely used electronic devices in the industry. The development process of the drives is very time-intensive, but there are many methods to reduce the development time. In this paper, the development of vector control of induction machine using Simulink is presented. Firstly, the creation of the simulation model is described; then the same model is used for code generation. We used the dSpace platform; however, any platform supported by Matlab/Simulink can be used as well. Finally, the comparison of results between simulation and real motor is presented.


Keywords: AC drive, vector control, development simulation, Simulink, Code generation, dSpace


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